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How to Import Data

To import data in Vryno CRM , follow the below steps:


  1. Access Vryno CRM: Sign in to your Vryno CRM account using your login credentials.




2. Navigate to the Module: Choose the module where you intend to import data. For example, if you’re importing data into the Leads module, select “Leads.” Then, click the three dots in the top-right corner and choose “Import Leads.” 


3. Download Sample File: You’ll find an option to download a sample file in CSV format. This file contains all the fields present in the Leads module. 

4. Fill in Data: Complete the required details in the CSV file. Ensure that the information matches the format in the Leads module of Vryno CRM. Save the file. 

5. Return to Vryno CRM: Go back to Vryno CRM and navigate to the “Import Leads” section. 

6. Select Excel File: Choose the Excel file you filled with Lead details for import. 

7. Proceed to Next: Click “Next” and select the appropriate import options. 

8. Specify Mapping Name: Enter a name for your bulk mapping. 

9. Review Fields: You’ll see a list of fields from the imported file. 

10. Complete Mapping: Once you’ve mapped the fields correctly, click “Save.” 

11. Check Imported File: To verify the imported file, access your profile, click on “Bulk Import,” and select “Leads.” 


NOTE : Contacts, deals, and organizations can be imported by accessing the specific module and initiating the import process.

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